The Greek capital and sacred city of Athena, daughter of Zeus, goddess of wisdom and fair war, is a storied, iconic destination unlike no other in the world.

Seamlessly blending a monumental ancient legacy with contemporary cosmopolitan cityscapes, a party scene, great dining, shopping, and stunning natural scenery, Athens – though it’s Europe’s oldest town – always remains relevant, on the vanguard.

These myriad contradicting yet captivating images are its trademark – a one-of-a-kind attribute that makes it stand out.

From the bustling city center in which young creatives open new bars, cafes and restaurants, publish magazines, make art, and set up design studios; to the fashionable, glamorous southern suburbs, which are not unjustly likened to an island; and the countless concerts, festivals, and exhibitions showcasing local and foreign talent, Athens oozes excitement.

That’s why this powerful symbol of Democracy and cradle of Western civilization nowadays inspires history buffs, artists, and activists, as well as the hip and the beautiful.