About Us

Our goal as a company is to provide customer service that is not only the best but legendary.

A bespoke DMC- CONCIERGE agency with a person-centered orientation, Novelty, was born out of a desire to travel differently – far from inanimate trips filled with standardized places and commonplace experiences. Travelling, to us, means taking the time to immerse yourselves into every moment fully, surrounded by your loved ones. Of course, your dream getaway will not be the same if you go just with your other half, your family, or with a large group of friends. Tapping into your singular wishes and needs, our goal is to make your holidays an interlude of pure freedom that allows you to share precious moments with your near and dear ones. With our insider insights and extensive knowledge of Greece’s wanderlust destinations, we design tailor-made itineraries that match your requirements, yet exceed your expectations.

From the choice of your accommodations to the activities woven into your travel plan, we create your ideal holidays, exactly as you’ve always dreamed of them. This is our special kind of talent: With genuine empathy and heartfelt interest, we shall identify your fantasies before these even become crystallized into your hearts and minds – and it makes a world of difference!

As the sage, old adage goes, you only live once; make it count. With Novelty’s personalised concierge services in Greece, you save valuable time and energy; remove stress from your busy lives and enjoy your precious time-off dream getaway!