Legend has it that Zeus, the father, and ruler of the 12 ancient Greek gods, was raised here. His son, Dionysus, the zestful god of wine and merrymaking, was also born and bred here. But, of course, they wouldn’t have chosen a spot that wasn’t on par with their divine standards.

The biggest of the Cyclades, right at the heart of the Aegean, Naxos is a majestic, fertile island – with characteristically cheerful inhabitants, a long and glorious history, and a fabled tradition in music and dance.

Boasting an ever-changing scenery with imposing mountain massifs and plenteous valleys; sleepy villages and lively towns; post-card perfect beaches with turquoise waters and long stretches of golden sand; medieval towers and forts; and as ancient statues and temples whose secrets remain a mystery.

Naxos is nothing less than enchanting. Even the great Nikos Kazantzakis fell under its spell, declaring that this would be what heaven on earth would look like!