My Concierge

All-access pass to your vision of a good life

Armed with insider knowledge and local expertise, Novelty is a small and intimate venture that offers bespoke, immersive travel experiences to savvy travelers: Always authentic, invariably extraordinary and absolutely tailored to one’s wishes and desires – nonetheless hidden.

We believe that every person is as unique as their desires – and this has molded our way of doing business. Our first step is to understand – or rather, decode – your cravings and inclinations. At the same time, we’ll consider your lifestyle standards and imperatives, so as to propose the most suitable itineraries, as well as to curate the mix of activities that’ll make the most indelible impression. 

We invite you to venture off the beaten path, beyond the ordinary and the mundane. We want to show you more than the show-stealing attractions, and to take you to places you will not discover on your own. Because in our days and age, rather than opulence money can buy, the ultimate luxury is time happily and creatively spent: Exceptional, hands-on experiences, you might never know they even existed, yet leave you with fascinating stories to tell! 

Of course, you’ll expect nothing less than the white glove treatment throughout the duration of your trip, delivered with a personal touch and an – almost obsessive – focus on detail.

Our aim, after all, is to offer customer service that is not just the best but legendary – as legendary are the destinations that we’ll take you to. Entrust us with your longings and demands and let us spoil you!


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Bodyguards & personal security


Massage Therapists


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